Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Most Important Two Words Bernie Fans Need to Keep Repeating

Last night's primaries solidified what was already a mathematical certainty: Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. The time has come for Bernie supporters to start repeating two words to themselves and every other person they know.

Supreme Court.

Bernie has done some downright amazing things. His crowds are jaw dropping. He has engaged millenials in the political process in ways that will hopefully have long term benefits for this country. He has pushed the dialogue to the left. He has made income inequality front and center.

We could discuss the subtle differences between Bernie and Hillary all day long. We could elaborate on their records and their experience as well but we are past that point. We could praise the merits of voters standing by their convictions at all cost. I'm not going to chastise or insult any person for wanting to do that. It would be noble if not for, well, if not for the Supreme Court.

It is my belief that the most important thing the next President of the United States will do is to appoint Supreme Court Justices. We haven't had a liberal court since the 1960's; electing Hillary Clinton will change that. Remember Roe v Wade? Brown v Board? Civil Rights? Do you want a Supreme Court that defends human and constitutional rights for ALL? If so then you must vote for Hillary Clinton. Do you despise Citizens United and believe it is the undoing of our entire democratic process? You can thank a conservative dominated Supreme Court. George W. Bush's entire presidency was decided by, say it with me, the Supreme Court.

There is a Justice vacancy right now. There will most likely be, based upon the ages of at least three current justices, two or more openings under the next administration.

So if you are an LGBT Bernie supporter and believe you and others like you are deserving of equal rights, including the right to marry the person you love, then it is crucial you vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you are a woman and believe in the right to make your own decisions regarding reproductive rights, it is vital for yourself, your daughters/sisters/cousins/nieces/friends that you vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you believe in the freedom of religion then Hillary Clinton is your candidate. If you despise Citizens United you absolutely, unequivocally must vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you understand the importance of unions to the American worker then Hillary Clinton has to be your choice.

Climate change, voter suppression, immigration, LGBT and reproductive rights; all of these and more will be up for consideration.

The Supreme Court's decisions on these issues will impact our country in monumental and irreversible ways. In, dare I say it, revolutionary ways.

I know you want this revolution. I know you are sick of politics as usual. And I know many of you deeply, fervently say you don't trust Hillary Clinton. This is unfortunate and points to the power of negative game playing and the media but that battle will be discussed another day. The power of the President is limited and the most important decision the next President makes will be Supreme Court appointments.

It really is this simple: Hillary Clinton will appoint justices who will put the civil liberties of all Americans first.

Imagine, if you will, three more Antonin Scalia justices on the Bench. This is what our nation will face if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is elected.

So as we move forward, with the proverbial primary writing boldly on the wall, please whisper these two words whenever you feel angry...whenever you think "I'm not voting"...whenever you think "I'm going to stand on principle and write in my candidate anyway"...whenever you think "let's burn it all down"... or whenever you get ready to share a negative story or comment about Secretary Clinton on social media: "SUPREME COURT".

Your revolution begins within those hallowed halls...please don't let it end there.