Monday, November 4, 2013

The Adventures of Paul Bikens

My son Brody, while visiting a buddy, wrote this short story. Enjoy!

Once there was a young lad named Paul Bikens. He was an orphan.

One day when he was scribbling on a book a family got him!

He grew up riding on the plains of his family’s farm on his bike. He could do no hands on his bike while he hit a massive bump!

He could play video games in the middle of a race!

Yes, he was a good bike rider. Until one day.

See, it was a good day. Paul was riding and a good look’in fella came by on his gold bike with a huge engine! He said “are you Paul Bikens?”

Paul answered bravely and kindly “Indeed I am!”

“I’m Mud Woodstepper and I challenge you to a race,” he said in a tough voice. Then some other bikers came around.

One said “Ain’t nobody ever gonna beat Paul and his bike!”

“Well,” Mud continued, “first one to that tree wins.”

“I accept your challenge!” said Paul.

So they raced a few minutes and then they were two miles from the finish line.

Mud threw something on the ground and tripped Paul!

He got back up and kept going. He hit a big bump, jumped over Mud, and won!

The End

By: Brody Shulda, age 9

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